Courage, Trust, Bold

I’ve been doing obstacle races for the past three years.. something happened and all of a sudden I was terrified of going over walls.. even the the 5 foot wall… With a little help from some new friends I found my way over the 7 foot wall in Sacramento and finally got that great shot of me on the wall with the lake in the background. Then I went back to one of my favorite gyms with a wall and just kept going… over and over and over and over until it was automatic again… okay so that was just the 4 foot wall.. but still its a start and my body remembered how to do it on its own. It was hard to go from 7 feet to 4 feet, and I know I have to start somewhere… so grateful for friends who literally help me overcome those obstacles! As a coach that is what I do for my clients.. support them as they conquer those walls, those obstacles, and find out there is so much more possible RIGHT NOW than they ever imagined. My three words that keep me focused.. COURAGE, TRUST, and BOLD. Find your words and find your focus and overcome that great challenge! 8 foot wall sac

Welcome to the Intrepid Revolution

Welcome to Intrepid Revolution – Health and Wellness Coaching.  My practice is designed to provide the right system, support, and accountability in the pursuit of your next adventure –


My clients are athletes, adventurers, and those seeking to improve their physical performance to enjoy the hobbies they love.

For years chronic pain and later weight kept me from pursuing my dreams of completing an obstacle course race.  Last year I completed over 12 obstacle courses and three endurance events.  I’m still technically overweight AND I’ve learned I am an athlete, a runner, a racer, a hiker, IMG_4300a SCUBA diver, and the adventures go on.  I’m also a health coach who faces the challenges of enjoying these adventures while on my own journey to build strength.  I’ve also learned to love this body that never ceases to amaze me in its ability to endure through challenges and enjoy the victories that come with finding the resolve to finish each hike, race, or challenge.


If you are ready for the next step, to find the courage to start and the resolve to finish – send me a message!

I’m here to see you through to the next adventure.